Possible first paragraph to my autobiography, “I Was Adopted By Lizard People”

“I’m taking out the air-conditioners,” my father announced one fine day. I like to think that he cleverly did this during one of South Florida’s few “cold” “winter” days, when temperatures and humidity levels were in the normal range of human tolerance, but knowing him he probably did it in August. His excuse, though, was special: “Air-conditioning is causing you girls to get too many colds.” This was in the mid-1970s in Miami, Florida. Not only was it normal for people to live in homes without air-conditioning back then, we also went to schools without air-conditioning. I didn’t go to a school with air-conditioned classrooms until I was in high school. Of course in my last year the air-conditioning, installed by a West German company that had gone bankrupt, broke for good, and we had to sit outside for most of our classes. The pursuit of cool air explains a lot, though not all, of my life’s trajectory.


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