My Life So Far

Okay! Here’s a brief rundown of My Life So Far. It’s taken a sucky turn. First of all, they told me at work that this would be my last week there, because business hasn’t picked up like they hoped. It’s not entirely unexpected, but I had thought they’d keep me through the end of the year. And now I have to do my favorite things, updating my resume and applying for jobs and going to job interviews. (These are not actually my favorite things.) I’m not that sad, because the place had been getting to me for various reasons, and if worse comes to worse I can file for unemployment for a while, but I’d still rather not have to deal with this right now.

Then I came home last night to the dulcet sounds of water dripping from the kitchen ceiling and splashing onto some things of my roommate’s that he’d stored on the top of the built-in “pantry” this kitchen has. (It’s actually a built-out part which holds a small closet, one of those fold-out wall ironing boards, and a set of shelves where our microwave and other things are.) Since I’d lived upstairs before I thought maybe the new residents had let the tub overflow. They’re sort of… daffy. Anyway, it turns out that water was leaking from the bathroom radiator from a loose valve, and once the valve was tightened up, the water stopped, and eventually stopped leaking through the ceiling too. My bedroom and closet are on the other side of that wall (and my tiny closet abuts unto the built-in from the other side), but it looks like no water got in through there. Anyway, the landlord has been notified and hopefully there isn’t too much damage of my roommate’s stuff but it’s still another thing piled on top of things, and damp cardboard boxes are all over the kitchen now. It occurred to me today that water-related problems have been chasing me ever since I can remember, so now I’m thinking of moving to the desert. Then again, the Southwest has been having enough trouble with extra-wet weather this year.

I’m hoping that “bad things happen in threes” thing isn’t true (okay I know it isn’t true), because I have already had a bad enough week and it’s only Tuesday. “Meh” I say to the universe, “meh!”