The results are in: people are incomprehensible

Yeah, I’m back here, because I broke my Ghost blog. Whatever. Anyway, I’m going to say an unpopular thing that will probably piss people off. (Don’t worry, my cupboard is completely bare of cares.) It is this:

There was just an election of some sort in the UK. I’m going to admit I don’t understand their system, and please don’t explain it to me, but I do know voting is involved, because my twitter feed and blogs and news sites and so on have been screaming nonstop about the awful, awful millions of Brits who voted those nasty, nasty Tories in. BTW I do know this: the Tories are the bad party of whitemale Daddy Warbucks-type posh jerks kind of like Republicans though Republicans would not dare touch old people’s money (what we USians call Social Security) because they’d lose the otherwise reliable old people vote, Labor is sort of like Democrats are here (i.e., useless), and there are a variety of other parties like the Scottish Nationalist Party, the Greens (? do they have another name?), and UKIP, who are smelly fish people from the drowned city of R’lyeh who have been sent by dreaming Cthulhu to prepare first Britain and then the rest of the world for His brief yet horrible reign wherein all life on Earth will be devoured in a shrieking orgy of madness.

So anyway, I have a vague idea of who these people are. Not that it seemed to matter, though, as I was reassured by people on the Twitter and in blogs that all these people are horrible, and as they are horrible there was no sense in voting for any of them. I’m not going to name names, it doesn’t really matter. What I don’t get (well I do, but I’ll get to that) is that these SAME people, some of them anyway, are gnashing their teeth and tearing their hair and lamenting. But wait, didn’t you expect something of this sort to happen?

Look, I understand not voting out of disgust at the system and the jokers running it. It’s what I’ve been doing (well, not doing) lately. But here’s what I don’t do: freak out when one or another set of the jokers I expected to get voted in do in fact get voted in. I might raise my eyebrow, roll my eyes, mutter to myself and snark on the internet, but I don’t melt down in panic as if I had secretly hoped that my not-voting would somehow magically influence the system.

I don’t know, maybe this is a tone argument. But there are people out there protesting after an election because they didn’t like the results and… it just seems odd to me. You’ve been complaining for YEARS that your country is going down a fascist hole, and everything is shit, and you’re withdrawing for self-care, and they went merrily on doing whatever they wanted to do. At base, a non-voter is someone who isn’t in a politicians way any more. You must acknowledge that at least, or your decision not to vote is nothing but a meaningless fit of pique.